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Facial Rigging in Maya

Facial Rigging in Maya

Facial Rigging in Maya

Easily learn sophisticated facial rigging techniques in Maya that provide greater control, efficiency, and realism when animating with over 4.5 hours of project-based training. Perfect for intermediate artists using Maya.

Popular highlights include: Creating Intuitive 3D Graphic User Interface; Blend Shapes for Mouth Expressions (Phonemes, Smiles, Frowns, Sneers); Blend Shapes for Eyes (Blink, Brow Raise, Squint); Blend Shapes for Subtleties and Details; Advanced Tongue Set Up with Spline IK and Blend Shapes; Changing Deformation Stack; Sophisticated Jaw Controls; Tuning Weights with Component Editor; Connection Editor; Cluster Setup; Camera Setup for User-Friendly Animation; Constraints; Smooth Binding; Soft Modification / Sculpt Geometry Tool;


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